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Ross Moore
Best paddle ever

Never played this well before! I’ve played about 5-6 times the past 2 summers. Got this new paddle and played for the first time in 7 months. Literally no unforced errors. The ball seems to stay on the paddle an extra few seconds and you can easily place it wherever you want, and ofc much easier to add spin. Cannot believe the difference. Best purchase of 2024!

Jennifer Rockwell
Beautiful design and functionality!

The paddle is well-made and for an intermediate player, has helped with my control and power. Very forgiving and large “sweet spot” as well. Added bonuses being unique, supports great causes and makes me feel individualized :) Highly recommended!!

4Joy Paddles Premio Sunset

This is the best pickleball paddle I’ve ever bought. It feel light and powerful. My shots are so much more controlled and accurate. The grip is super comfortable and cushy. The longer handle is what I was looking for so I can make those 2 handed backhand shots.
And the design is so fun! Perfect for my sunny personality : )

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