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Glossary of Pickleball Terms

Have you ever noticed that every game has its secret language? It's like a code that only players know, and it helps them communicate better with their team members. Not only is it fun, but it also keeps them engaged, allowing for faster moves and better teamwork.

Pickleball has its glossary, too; in this blog, we will learn the different and fun glossary of this sport:

Around the Post (ATP): A shot executed around the net post, made possible by the opposing team hitting a cross-court shot with a steep angle.

Backhand: A shot made on the non-dominant side, where the back of the hand faces the net upon hitting the ball.

Block: A defensive volley with minimal or no swing, intended to counter a fast shot from the opponent.

Body Shot: A high-speed shot directed at an opponent with the aim of winning the point. Caution is advised, especially with beginners, to avoid causing injury. Ideal placement is at the dominant shoulder, or feet, and targeting the head, neck, or face is strictly discouraged.

Cross-Court: The diagonal side of the court opposite your position, where the ball must be served when facing the opponent.

Dead Ball: A ball no longer in play due to being called out, a fault, or being broken or unusable.

Dink: A soft shot that bounces low, often landing inside or near the non-volley zone, making it difficult for opponents to attack.

Double-Bounce Rule: The rule requires the ball to bounce once on each side of the court after the serve, limiting volleys until the fourth shot of each point.

Double Bounce: When the ball jumps twice on one side of the court, resulting in a fault.

Double Hit: When the ball contacts the paddle or hand, holding the paddle twice before going over the net. Natural double hits are legal, while deliberate ones are not.

Drive: A fast-paced groundstroke shot, typically with topspin, aimed just over the net and close to the baseline.

Drop Shot: A soft shot hit over the net, often into the non-volley zone, making it challenging for opponents to counter.

Drop Volley: A short and soft volley shot, often with backspin, directed into the non-volley zone.

Dura: A brand of Pickleball, specifically the Dura Fast 40, formerly widely used in tournaments.

Ernie: A volley where a player jumps over or moves around the non-volley zone to hit the ball close to the net.

Fault: An action violating the rules, leading to a point for the opposing team or a side out.

Flick: A shot involving a wrist flick and leg lift to create a topspin shot, often used to surprise opponents.

Forehand: A shot made with the palm facing forward on the dominant side of the body.

Franklin: A brand of Pickleball, particularly the Franklin X-40, commonly used in tournaments.

Groundstroke: A shot made after the ball bounces on one's side of the court, opposite of a volley.

Half Volley: A groundstroke hitting the ball immediately after its bounce, catching opponents off-guard.

Inside Out Shot (or “IO”): A shot hit in the opposite direction of the swing path, surprising opponents.

Let: A serve hitting the net and landing in the service court, requiring a replay.

Lob: A high shot aimed over the opponent's head, forcing them to the back of the court.

Loss of Serve: When the serving team faults during the first server's point, resulting in the second server taking over.

Nasty Nelson: Intentionally hitting the returner's partner to win a point, discouraged due to the risk of serious injury.

Net Spin: Additional spin or spin change when a ball hits the net and then the ground.

Overhead: A shot hit with the paddle over the player's head.

Placement: The trajectory and landing position of the ball on the court, emphasizing strategic placement over power.

Rally: All shots made during a point are recognized as a sequence of exchanges between players.

Roller / Rolling Shot: A shot with topspin created by rolling the paddle over the ball in an arcing motion.

Volley: A shot hit in the air beforehand, the ball bounces on one's side of the court, subject to non-volley zone restrictions and the double-bounce rule.
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