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Finding your perfect pickleball paddle!

Before diving into finding the best pickleball paddle to suit your game, it’s crucial to know what paddle suits each player. Here, we are covering tips and tricks that can enable each player to find the perfect paddle to suit their style of play.

Knowing your style:

Just like your favorite pair of sneakers or golf club set, your pickleball paddle should complement your playing style. Try taking a step back and thinking about your favorite shots to hit on the court. Are you a power player who loves to smash those balls with fervor? Or perhaps you're a finesse master who prefers precision over power? Understanding your playing style will help you narrow down paddle options that align with your strengths. It’s often best though to consider an all-around paddle. One that will offer you power when you need it and the control needed for precision. Many leading experts agree that control is more important than power, whether you are a beginner or advanced player.  Also, make sure to check that the paddle you are buying is USAP approved for tournament play. This is important because it attests to the quality of the paddle and will allow you to play in tournaments using your new paddle that you've taken time to adjust to and play competently with in games.

Going for a Test Drive: 

One thing to consider when trying out a new paddle is that it can take some time to adjust to a new paddle. It will feel different at first and you may have some missed shots as you adjust to the differences. This is to be expected and not necessarily anything to do with how well the paddle performs. Give the paddle a chance by playing with it for a few sessions. Most quality manufactures that stand behind their products like 4Joy Paddles have a 30 Day return policy.

Paddle Specs:

Paddle specs matter more than you may think. When figuring out what you want, pay attention to factors like paddle weight, grip size, and paddle shape. Lighter paddles offer speed and maneuverability, while heavier paddles pack a punch in the power department. Grip size affects comfort and control, so make sure it feels right in your hand. The paddle shape can impact your reach and shot placement, so choose wisely! Looking for words like a thermoformed paddle or a 16mm vs 14mm thickness is also incredibly important. Thermoformed paddles have more significant and enhanced sweet spots and speak to the manufacturing quality of a company, such as the Premio Series paddles at 4Joy. When comparing 16mm and 14mm pickleball paddles, the 16mm offers greater control and a more prominent sweet spot, while the 14mm provides increased maneuverability. 

Check Reviews and Testimonials

When in doubt, turn to your fellow pickleball players for advice! Check online reviews, forums, and social media groups for insights and recommendations on paddle brands and models. Hearing from experienced players can provide valuable insights into which paddles excel in specific areas, such as power, control, or durability.


For some people, ensuring you have the best-looking paddle on the court is also important. Explore options with intricate designs that may stand out or resonate with you.

Trusting your instincts:

Ultimately, the best paddle for you is the one that feels like an extension of your arm, empowering you to play your best game with confidence and joy. Trust your instincts and go with the paddle that speaks to you on a visceral level. When you find the perfect paddle, you'll know it – and your game will thank you!

So, there you have it, your roadmap to paddle perfection! With these tips and tricks, you can embark on your journey for the ultimate pickleball paddle, and become the envy of the court.

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